MTNL NU = Limited Time offer?

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Hey people,On the MTNL site, it says that Night Unlimited is an offer only for a limited amount of time. What after that time is over, and they withdraw the offer? What are we going to do next??Just wondering.......Adwait
HEllo,Where u read tht? Provide the link......N moreover if its there, it must be saying tht booking is left for limited time. Does'nt mean tht current subscribers will also loose this plan. 🙂
They cant just scrap it like that. I think most of their customers wld be on this plan only. Also, nothing like this is mentioned on the delhi website.
even if there is something, what i gather from this is, it's open for new bookins for a limited time...they can't just snatch it off from the existing's the same like no rental plan in which users were supposed to pay @ Rs. 2/- per's not open to any new customers anymore...but i believe old customers r still using it...

Well ofcourse if many users are exploiting their bandwidth they could pull the whole thing off and shift all previous users to some new plan automatically. Note that a yearly subscription for this scheme is not available yet, probably a step to insure an easy drop of the plan ;-)Face the truth, we are in India 🙂
well its a limited period offer for new bookingnot for ur plan validityur plan will remain the same until u change it