MTNL NU PROB SOLVED n no need to off cpe !

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MTNL billing is proper n no need to off the cpe.cause thiss month when i checked my usageit showed my billed d/l in MB n downloaded thing in bytes. nnite d/l was zero in billed mbon 4th my modem was on after 8. but i was billed around 85 mbbut i d/l around 810 mb 😀 check this out 😀 View attachment 234
yeah, it seems account is also not showing last night's usage...but then it has happened earlier as well, so won't trust it till it's there for at least a week or so 🙂View attachment 235
wait guys, let every member check and confirm the same!!! 🙂

sorry not working for meToday i have 98 mb added to MB's used even i downloaded just for night frm 00.00 to 07.30U still have to restart CPE i feel
all the MBs will add up in "MB Used" shows the cumulative figure...u don't need to restart the CPE for that...secondly, it's not working for's still showing my last night's usage... seems it will take some more time...View attachment 236
actually, u know there's no prob as such...u're just safe if u download between 12-8's all about keeping records for ur own safety 🙂