Mtnl triband forum For regular user?

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🙄 Just have a peep on left side of screen and look at the status :- It's regular Still Supersaiyan not allowed to browse the forum :angry: :angry: Now somebody send me the jpeg😛rt+screen of that the protected forum....Does anybody know how do we create private forum as created by Viralbug??
what are you talking about?
Originally posted by Sushubh@Apr 9 2006, 05:00 PM
what are you talking about?

That was Subforum by viralbug saying it's only for regular users....
i.e Protected forum

Now it is disappeared...Guess some one did the changes to the forum code...!!!
it was not created by viralbugthe last post was made by him in the gh threadi guess sushubh just made gh ka thread restricted to regular usereven i noticed that but it was same as gh ka thread but it was not updated as ppl posted in normal gh ka thread mein
dude it wasnt me, it was sushubh. the last post was mine. dunno what happened, it never got updated.but i so wish i could be able to do those things........... 🙄 😀 😀
Lol! Sushubh, 😀

dont ever say that thread is gone.its the most important thread on this forum!!! 😀 🙂