Mtnl Usage Check Down Since 2 Days

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Ya man I was about to start this topic.You beat me this time.NO use of asking here man.They have seperate [private] subform where they discuss this stuff.I Pmed mod for this thing no use he says contact masterchief.and Masterchief never replies to Pm.
do u know anything about something missing?why is it discussed privately? looks like its the best kept secret something like da vinci code or something.
lol no one in the "secret subforum" knows anything either.. well people are least bothered to chk thier usage. man.. do you even chk it everyday?? sheeshuse an utility such as dumeter or bwmeter to chk your online usage 🙂..
damn whats this "secret" all about ?STOP asking about itIts a secret mission to save the world from destruction
yea..the site is down for some time now..I was just they keep check on the usage if the site is down??

i dont think the site records usage it only displays it by retriving the records from their data usage recording servers.......but i maybe wrong
The site displays usage from the database. The database maybe alright, only the site maybe off for technical maintenance...And ya even in the private and so called "secret" discussions we have no clue why the site is still down and when it would be back up again...
They told server is down for technical maintenance.I feel like taking the claws out like Wolvervine did in X3and open the lock on that Secret Subforum.Somebody tell me how to access that HIDDEN DOORS 😱