Mtnl users, please suggest

Is mtnl broadband good enough, reliable and how is it when it comes to value for money? I reside in navi mumbaiwhat's the minimum that i would have to spent on the net. I have a reliance landline and may use mtnl only for incoming, to avoid huge bills, which is a concern in case of mtnl.
MTNL land line needed for usin triband.CC is improving day by day.So Triband is recommended. 🙂
i guess the landline only for incomin is only rs 160 u can get the landline of mtnl + triband is one of the best bb service available in mumbaii say go for it
man, mtnl rocks if u're in mumbai. it has good and reliable dwld speeds at very affordable prices. i'm in delhi and the min plan is the rs.199(+rs.80) per month plan, google it for details. On top of everything in mumbai u get golden hrs are regular intervals🙁🙁 (unlike delhi) !!!!!
I think even MTNL Plan B Unlimited Dialup is better than Sify (if it is still available). Despite its issues, Triband simply rips apart Sify, no doubts about that.

Thanks for the suggestions. I went through the tariff of triband, however limitations of 400 MB per month are very less. in sify, i download more than 1 Gb a month, sometimes 2.
Then 590 Night Unlimited Plan suits u well.

u can end up sownloadin Max approx 650-700 MB every night if used correctly.