Mtnl's Unlimited Package -- Rs 1399

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I just saw an ad in the newspaper saying that MTNL had launched a 'limited' offer of Unlimited Data-Transfer plan (256 Kbps) for Rs 1399/month....& These guyz offer what they should i go for it ???Please suggest..
Old news...But i really think its really not that light on the pockets...Isnt airtel 256 kbps unltd cheaper and better??
i guess u can get 512 ka speed on airteli think the the plan is home 999 daytime 256 night 512so go for that naits cheaper n better
Ok thanx for the suggestion guyz.I am already having the Home 999+ Plan ...By the way , is this Double speed offer at night gonna be forever ??
I don't think airtel is available everywhere in bombay. Is it?This unlimited plan seems good for me as I have been crossing the 1500 mb mark every month therby paying 1000+ bucks per bill

mumbai is a big city 😀 they have not even covered the entire of panchkula...
They are still new in mumbai!!But they haven't coveerd whole of delhi yet.When i inquired them about a new connectiongot reply some blocks in ur locality are not covered including yours block also. :huh:
According to them, Airtel has problems laying down lines in Govt. colonies - too much red tape or something like that - it ends up taking too long...
well my dad is a govt employee and he lives in a governmetn colony. so i gave up hope and moved to gurgaon. red tape is not the actual reason. the problem is that most govt dudes have an official phone which is free for them. my dad has a free phone from the govt so well it sucked for me coz airtel wont come in my colony.