Mukesh Ambani sort of promises a price war in the broadband market in India

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Like a... Sort of a... Lets see... 🙂
I have no hopes. These companies are all cartel, like Mexican drug cartel, Indian Cartel.
We need some Heisenberg to our rescue.
Yes i am mad at broadband scene in this country.
Text of Ambani Speech pertaining to RJIL
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]Reliance Jio – Our Digital Services Initiative[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]Dear Shareholders,[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]In my address to you at last year's AGM, I had talked about India's potential to leapfrog the world and become a global leader in the delivery of digital content, applications and services.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]I had also mentioned that Reliance has a unique green-field opportunity to contribute to this transformation by creating not just a cutting-edge broadband network, but also a powerful platform on which a range of rich digital services can be enabled.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]In continuing to hold a bullish view about the potential of the Indian digital services market, many may well count me among the optimistic minority in the Industry.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]Let me assure sceptics that my continued optimism is based on the significant strides that we at Reliance have taken in the past year – towards engineering and testing a world-class broadband network, and in developing a suite of compelling and synergistic digital services.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]Today, I remain stronger than ever in my belief that Reliance will, through the Reliance Jio initiative, radically transform the lives of 1.2 billion Indians.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]I say this because I believe that India's future is digital.Indeed, mankind's future is digital.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]I envisage a new India in the not too distant future, where almost everything we do today is digitally transformed to a value-creating and life-enriching new experience cutting across all strata of society.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]Micro and Small businesses will soon have access to cutting-edge technologies which historically only the bigger companies could afford - giving them a new edge to compete on a global landscape.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]I see a new India which will create a whole new generation of entrepreneurs leveraging these digital assets - whether through creating new applications to address India's pressing challenges in socio-economic development or in using them to create great customer experiences.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]I see a new India which will use digital currency instead of paper money, for a more secure and more convenient way to transact.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]I see a new India, where teachers, students and researchers from far-flung areas can connect with each other, and lift the level of education and knowledge creation to a completely different plane.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]I see a new India, where access to expert medical advice would be available anytime, anywhere - with medical practitioners able to grow their practice without constraint, and provide affordable quality of life services to everyone.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]In the coming years, Reliance Jio's next-generation digital infrastructure and services platform will catalyse a transformation and will embrace almost every facet of India's economic growth and social progress. And, this is just the beginning.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]I am glad to report that I am joined in this belief by my team of passionate and hardworking colleagues at Reliance JioInfocomm, who have worked – and continue to work – tirelessly to make our vision a reality.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]It is personally gratifying for me to see that we continue to attract the best of talent to our project.From less than 700 professionals a year back, most of them based in our Navi Mumbai campus, the Reliance Jio team has grown rapidly to a national footprint of over 3,000 professionals today. And we estimate that over the next year we will grow the team further to a national strength of nearly 10,000 professionals.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]For all of us at Reliance Jio, this is not a business that we are bringing to market.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]We are bringing our passion and belief to the market to transform India.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]We have also finalized the key vendor and supplier partnerships that are required for the initial launch of our services.These strategic partners too are deeply invested in the realization of our vision and have committed significant resources, know how and global talent to support planning, deployment and testing activities currently underway.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]Dear Shareholders,Our vision for India is that broadband and digital services will no longer be a luxury item – a scarce commodity – to be rationed amongst the privileged few.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]We envision an India where these are basic necessities to be consumed in abundance[/SIZE] by consumers and small businesses alike, as much in far-flung villages as in our largest cities.[/color]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]Together with our partners, we have charted an ambitious plan for the next 12 months, and we at Reliance Jio foresee making rapid progress over this period towards launching our services across India.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]Our impatience to reach our goal demands a sense of urgency, but not careless haste.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]The legacy we are striving to create for the country needs a solid foundation which will carry the aspirations of our youth into the future, and we need to build it with diligence and care.That is our opportunity, as well as our promise.[/color][/SIZE]
[color=#000000;][SIZE=12pt]By the time we meet next year, I will report on the specifics of the substantial progress that we would have made[/color][/SIZE]
we definitely need competition. i just hope it does lead to loss of quality.
[color=rgb(0,0,0);font-family:Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif;font-size:15px;]Once the services are introduced, the pricing would go down to almost 1 per cent against the current levels because of host of offerings, they claimed.[/color]
as per this article they claim to slash prices to 1 percent of the current levels. that means if airtel/bsnl is offering a package of rs 2000, they will offer at rs 20 ?
LOL. I am sure he means for the operator who would not pass down the benefits to the end customer.
Or maybe he is just referring to competing 4G LTE services 😛