My attainable adsl speed is shown as 22mbps,but I get only 12mbps, the contract speed is 20mbps for my plan


Hi, It is peculiar that I get only 12mbps speed of the attainable speed of 22 mbps , of the contracted speed of 20 mbps for my bsnl bb plan.
I am getting a fixed 12495kbps download speed and 621kbps upload speed at present at most of the time of a day.
My contract speed as per plan is 20 mbps.
I do not get, that speed because, the wire that connects to my outer post to the modem could not transmit more than this
2. The modem router that I am using is not able to get the contracted speed and need to change the router that support those speeds.
3. It is pulrely controlled and capped at the ISP, bsnl
Which is the cause and how to fix it to get more speed.
4. Does the speed of wifi provided thro internet connection too less compared to broadband speed that you get.
experts and technical persons please give solution
sir, this is 2021 and you could upgrade to BSNL FTTH, why haven't you upgraded yet? Incase you are wondering if you will loose your present landline number, you need not worry because there is a provision to retain your current landline number and convert to FTTH. Once you get FTTH you need not worry about low speeds because it is symmetric and far more reliable than ADSL. Hope this was useful
I thought of just postng some pictures , but power went off for an hour.
anyhow, please see my pic of router

My snr details and download details
Adsl Line Status SHOWTIME.L0
Adsl Mode ADSL2+
Channel Mode Interleave
Up Stream 621 kbps
Down Stream 12495 kbps
Attenuation Down Stream 29
Attenuation Up Stream 17
SNR Margin Down Stream 15.0
SNR Margin Up Stream 22.2
Vendor ID RETK
Firmware Version 4926e708
CRC Errors 235
Up Stream BER 0e-7
Down Stream BER 0e-7
Up Output Power 12
Down Output Power 19.5
ES 168

I think fibre connection is done by not bsnl but by private agency.
Is there a kind of dongle wifi connection like jio gives in bsnl.
What if I upgrade my router to 5ghz speed , would that fix my problem
what is the cost involved in ftth connection, if it is worthwhile, I will try
Since it is supplied by private agency, i doubt , about service.
I read about air fibre, but it is not introduced in chennai telephone district
FTTH would cost roughly same if not lower than your present ADSL connection. I paid around 900 for 10 Mbps ADSL(BSNL) and now I pay the same for 100 Mbps FTTH(Local ISP). The connection is very stable and there is no drop in speed. Go for it.

what is the cost involved in ftth connection, if it is worthwhile, I will try
Since it is supplied by private agency, i doubt , about service.
I read about air fibre, but it is not introduced in chennai telephone district
Get fibre connection. As being a previous bsnl ADSL user, Believe me you won't regret it. Just get some clarity on service from the users in your locality
chennai telephone district
I think the experience will be far far better in Chennai District because it is a metro district, and the service will be provided directly from BSNL if I am not wrong. FTTH has been in Chennai for quite a while and please switch your ADSL to fiber, you will not regret it
@rajujayaraman The advertised speeds are possible only within 1km of telephone exchange. Maximum upto 1.5km but you will notice degradation. Remember this isn't line of sight distance but cable run length.

I saw the screenshots you posted. Signal levels have considerable attenuation. I'm unsure if this is a newly introduced phenomenon or if you used to always receive these speeds and have noticed it only now.

3G/4G dongle of any company is for very limited use cases like say while travelling with family/friends and there are people in the group without data packs or SIM cards in their devices. It basically enables you to offload hotpot functions from a phone to another device that can be left plugged in somewhere. The device heats up considerably with just 4-5 users simultaneously and the battery loses its capacity within 2 years.

FTTH costs depends on a few factors. You have to consider the amount of fiber cable needed plus the cost of the ONU plus some labour charges for the installer. So find out which of your neighbours have taken fiber connection of any ISP. Then find out if that fiber is laid by another ISP or by an LCO.

If it's LCO, there's a good chance that he will provide BSNL FTTH also through the same fiber. Calculate the fiber needed plus labour cost at around ₹15/meter. If say none of the nearby neighbour's have taken fiber, then you may convince them to shift, or you have to reach an agreement with the LCO to handle the costs of the fiber but later if anybody takes the connection using fiber you paid for, you must be compensated. (highly unlikely the LCO will agree, but a decent person with some integrity would agree).

So overall costs to shift (say with 100m fiber) could be 1500 + 2500 (cost of ONU) = ₹4000 ± ₹500

Regarding maintaining the old landline number, if your exchange allows it, you may shift it to FTTH. If the exchange hasn't been upgraded with the required technology yet, you may degrade the old number to a lower promotional landline only-plan of ₹100/month. They will still issue you a new FTTH number, with unlimited free calls, but your old number will remain on copper cable.