My Plan/Speed changed today to a unknown plan (100Mbps 600GB FUP) Karnataka Circle?

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Today everning without knowing me the bsnl ftth speed has changed from 50Mbps (600GB) to 100Mbps (600GB) this is strange because there is no such plan having 100Mbps 600GB in the bsnl ftth plans & also PING is low .πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ€”


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It is the new β‚Ή849 plan.
BSNL has upgraded old plans in some circles.
@TurboUser this is β‚Ή849 plan in my area (karnataka) showing 50Mbps till 600GB ?
EDIT : i just saw haryana β‚Ή849 plan it is showing 100Mbps till 600GB thank you.πŸ˜‰ maybe not updated inthe website.


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Yes , it is showing old plan for Karnataka.But for other regions it is showing new plan (I checked Haryana to confirm).

Maybe it's not yet updated on the site.

Also my selfcare login has all accounts registered in it deleted.
@DMC i am also seeing the same plan as you Which BSNL plan have you opted for? | BSNL Bharat Fiber
Actually i opted for fiber value plan before two weeks just today only It got activated. I just checked with the BSNL customer care they said iam in fiber value plan only there are some issues with BSNL fup site and BSNL Pro app.
You better check with the bsnl customer care and the self care portal for your actual plan.

Did you requested to change your plan in BSNL office or self-care portal ? Or they itself changed your plan without your knowledge ?
@Elavarasan like 3 weeks ago i requested to change the plan to Fibre value (100Mbps-3300GB) in the selfcare but it was still pending & some people in the forum told it wont work soo i lost interest in it..

@TurboUser my selfcare account also deleted it is saying no account is added as i added when i got my connection.

Saw this on the BSNL CUSTOMER CARE
(Welcome to the new selfcare portal. If you are an existing selfcare portal user, Please re-register with your email id in the new portal. Please refer Help for assistance.)
@DMC yeah same as me. My circle JTO said that some discussion had gone on the higher officials of BSNL in Chennai and they decided to give these New plans to rural areas also. That's what he said and my fiber value plan also get activated Speed got increased data fup also got increased any way iam happy πŸ˜….

I seems for you also the fiber value plan got activated so only you are getting 100mbps for the 600GB fup issue you just call the 1504 (FTTH customer care) and ask about your plan details hope they say you are in fiber value plan and you fub is 3.3 TB 😌.

For self care portal issue refer this πŸ‘‡