Need Help Regarding Hubs. Please Help.

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Sify SUX !!!
Hello Guys,

As this is my first post so let me introduce myself. Myself pimp_pimp, have been a Sify broadband user(unfortunately) for about an year and a half now. I use Sify just beacuse i can't use any other isp, since they are not available at my place. Currently I am an Engineering Grad residing in *Mumbra* planning to shift to *Vikhroli* very soon.. I think thats ok with my intro 🙂

Secondly i would like to say *HELLO* to all my fellow sify broadband users who are present on this forum and other broadband users too.

What I am actually looking for here is some info about DC++ hub.

My ip -----------> 10.10.110.XXX
My Gateway ip ----------->
Subnet mask ----------->
primary dns ----------->
secondary dns ----------->

Kindly anybody who is a Thane/kalwa resident or Diva/Dombivali etc resident help me sort certain things out. I installed Dc++ on my machine now where do i go and what do i do. I need some hub address? I need to know till where is my local cable connected whether i am connected to thane or not or whether theres a firewall thats blocking some shits and giving me a pain in ass.

I absolutley have no clue and thats the reason why I am here. Please help me or suggest something that i need to do.

P.S: Only serious suggestions are heartly welcomed. Racist comments will be going un-noticed. Sorry I should not have said this as I am a noob at this forum but I guess it was necessary just to prevent abuse and in my faith its alright.

Drop me your yahoo/hotmail address, if you want to talk in private.

Thanx for looking
Have a Nice Day!🙂 thane (kopri area i think) hubs ips...... try to connect if u can....PS: u need to change ur ip to 172.xx.xx.xx range n subnet to
thnx bhargav i will now try to see if i can connect to this hub and let ya know