Need help setting up Syrotech GPON-1000R-ONU with BSNL FTTH.

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Trying to get a syrotch ONU to work with BSNL FTTH without any changes from BSNL side. I know that the ONU needs to be authenticated with OLT using LOID or SN, this ONU allows me to modify these parameters, I tried cloning my Huawei HG850a(given by BSNL on rent) SN into it, it didnt authenticate.

Is it a possibility that the ONU MAC Address itself is bound to the OLT for authentication purposes(not talking about PPPOE layer).

Also, after plugging in the fibre cable the input power shows -24 dbm but the output power shows 0.0dbm, is it a problem in the ONU itself that it is not able to communicate to the OLT.

@Kick933 you said in another thread that your ONU allows you to change the MAC address also, can you please tell me in detail how you achieve this.
@varkey please help.


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I was talking about PPPOE layer.
My router TP-LINK Archer c6 allows me to change Mac address.Your case is different.
You need to get your ONT whitelisted from OLT end in order for ONT to be heard by OLT.
Ask BSNL personnel to do this.If they do not co-operate,file a complain of CPGRAMS portal.
I don't think the ONT is GPON. I had this ONT earlier and my LCO told me I need to upgrade to GPON one.

The model number is slightly different. Syrotech SY-GPON-1000R-DONT