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My tata indicom broadband connection is down for a week. I happen to ask one of my friends who have a connection and he says its down for a month!. The place is bangalore and I want to know if this is happening more frequently now a days or was the same all the time?Do Reply.thanks
I Didn't Knew That No One Is Here To Reply
It can't be down for so many days even if there is a major prob .I never had it down for more than 24 hrs. Is ur link down or the link is up but net is down ?
Well, there seems to be the same problem with my friends.They have routers. Connection is erratic. Complaints with customer care isnt yielding any solutions.I use a modem, and for the mast 2 weeks, its been disconnecting often, sometimes its connected but NO data transfer happens. Works after some time though.*Prays VNL is upgrading something*@hitman: dude, you're on the 256 unlimited plan is it?
Yup I am on 256 unlimited plan. No such prob for me. Although it went down for one full day on 16th May it was due to fibre problem ( as I was informed by them). One day of downtime in 4-5 months is ok 😀

Its TATA after all. I had a big fight with them when they were Hughes 😛 Looks like their service is just as bad now, as it was then 😉
My net was down for 4 days and I got a real taste of their customer care. They kept on repeating tht it will be fixed in 24 hrs, no updates on progress, no call backs. A simple fibre cut took them 4 days to fix. This downtime did hurt my business and I am down with some money. Seems i should start looking for other options 🙁
^^ Sorry to hear that hitman.. my line was down for 2 days, but i dont use it for business, so no loss here..Look for Airtel or perhaps that new 256 unlimited BSNL plan hitman..
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