need information about a new wireless router...

The wireless router provided by Hathway got damaged and I need a new one…any suggestions? Can somebody please provide me with link to tutorials that would guide me in configuring the new Wireless router with the modem provided by Hathway…
Do add your router and ONT model and make. Is Hathway DOCSIS or fiber at your side?
The connection is DOCSIS (googled the cable image), and got no idea about the wireless router that was provided by Hathway, for my folks threw it out after it stopped working...when I took the connection was provided with a modem(still working, can access the internet with a wired connection) and a wireless router(dont have that anymore)...Hope that helps...pretty bad at networking...
For DOCSIS, you really have to use the modem provided by Hathway as it has to be registered in the backend. You cannot use your own modem. Call them and tell them you threw it away you may have to pay them some fee but they should provide a new one.

Atleast on DEN, they consider the modem as their property. 3 months after I stopped recharging DEN, they came to my home to pick up the modem.
You can use your own Router lying around in the house with the help of BRIDGE MODE . That time you need not talk to Hathway guys provided Docsis modem has that option