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So my Hitachi 1.2 ton is giving me lots of trouble. It has been roughly 11 years, gas leaks out within a month thanks to heavy corrosion. I live in a area closer to the coast so corrosion is a big issue. This time i am focusing on ac which has anti-corrosive properties and I have short-listed LG for the simple reason that they have Ocean black coating(OBC) to protect from corrosion and their service post purchase. I need some feedback from fellow members especially if they live in corrosive environment and general review about LG ac's here.

1. I have shortlisted 4 models, all 1 ton. (i)MS-Q12SWZD, (ii)MS-Q12UVZA, (iii)MS-Q12ANZA, (iv)MS-Q12YNZA. I am more inclined towards model (i) and (ii) as they have good air filtration. Do ac filters really work in killing germs and preventing allergy?
2. Model (ii) claims to have UV-filtration to kills bacteria and germs. Is it just a gimmick or are they really effective? I have Sinusitis and dust can create problems for me, hence my inclination towards air purification.
3. There are so many models from LG enough to confuse anyone. The only difference I found is availability of wifi and filters. For me, wifi is a not a must but only model (i) gives HD filter and anti-allergy.
4. My ac repair engineer, refrigerator repair guy told me to go for Fixed motor rather than inverter ones as they have tendency to fail and cost a bomb to replace PCB. Now LG gives 5 year PCB warranty. So should I go with inverter or stick to old school. My usage is not that great, except in summers it might run twice a day for April, May. I fear that corrosion may damage it, especially after 5 years.
5. Are there any other brands which have good service in Mumbai as well as give corrosion protection like blue/gold fins for IDU,ODU.
6. Does LG give OBC protection for both IDU/ODU? I was looking for models and some did not mention it in product page but mentioned it in the specs page. Got me confused.
I am less inclined towards Japanese brands this time owing to Hitachi experience. My budget is restricted this time so don't want to spend in excess of 40k.

I was thinking of getting this Action Clear Rust Proof to paint my pcb to protect from corrosion. Has anyone tried it? Would it be safe to do so?
Got an LG-MS Q18KNYA 4 star 1.5 ton for 37k, with 3k exchange. Overall, happy with the purchase. Thanks for the feedback guys..
If anyone needs any info on LG or this AC in genet do ask here..
Have a samsung AC which used to come with virus doctor technology. In my experience all these virus killing things is just a gimmick.

Not sure why the technician suggested non inverter ac. In my experience inverter ac are far better esp for cooling and power consumption. Using 2 Hitachi 1 ton split ACs from the past 3+ years no issues yet.
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As mentioned, my area is prone to corrosion issues. So there is a good chance that pcb can go bad in the event of rusting or chemical interference. As this corrosion is a common problem in my area, hence the suggestion for non-inverter. He enever doubted inv ac's for cooling or power consumption.
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Could you help me with any link which mentions that both IDU and ODU have any protection like blue fins or gold fins. I was very much looking forward to Voltas but none of their product specifications mentions about any coating or at the max they give ODU protection.
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I do not think Voltas provide any special protection. And honestly i never cared about it. I live in Noida where where AC gas leaks twice a year and sometimes coil needs to be replaced every year. I register a request and they do the needful.

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On another note, Has anyone purchased any item via Bajaj Finance? I have a card and thinking of getting it on EMI. Will down payment of 10,000 suffice for a 38,000 product or there is a need to pay more. Just asking, in case if I go for a pricier model.
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