Need The Indian Express Newspaper For 20 March 2007

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When you already have article you need then why so keen to have print edition too ? Any clue ?
heh print is cool. realistic stuff. am not interested in finding a copy now. australia won. point proven... i am satisfied.
okay, in that case I need not tell you the way to get a print copy of the backdated issue. looks like you keep changing thoughts very frequently.-- RKS
^ may I know how to get a print copy of back dated issue please ...
There is a section called "morgue" in every media publication. Rather than posting requests on forums you can request them to provide a copy, if they would not be moody like you (you changed versions again and again - does not suit an admin guy) they would oblige you. Best would be to delegate any local pal there to go and check the morgue of Indian Express.Otherwise it is a tough nut to crack, who stores old issues except junkmen ?-- RKS

the difference between the two posts was around 2 months. i dont think the excitement of seeing your name in a national newspapers last for 2 months. i could not find it. that's cool.
Everyone has his own mindset. I know guys who would go for a kill to see their name in print. Look at ants who are biting now a days to elephants by filing legal suits against celebrities just to hog media attention.In your case I would say either you are very grown up and don't bother for anything (admins are like that in most of the cases) or you have not grown up at all (childs often forget what was their attention previous week).Gaps between posts merely indicates that users are busy with higher priorities, and anyway, for your cake you expect others to take the knife ? You would have got the clip by now if your desire would have been genuine.-- RKS-- RKS
i have not grown up... i am still a kid. 😉admin. i hate that distinction. my headaches include taking regular backups, ensure site stays up and keep the forum profitable for myself.