Need to decide between TP-Link Archer C6 & Tenda AC10

I need to buy a dual band gigabit router under 3k and i have been researching for the same since past 2 days
All around the internet & even in this forum , Archer C6 seems to the one recommended most/defacto king . It seemed like a easy blind buy to me until one of my friend recommended Tenda AC10 as a better alternative , then i saw bunch of direct speedtest comparison between these 2 on YouTube & was quite shocked with the results . On paper both are having exactly same spec but actual tests told a very different story

1)Tenda AC10 vs Archer C6 v2


Result - Archer C6 v2 is outperformed by Tenda AC10 by a very good margin . I didn't expected so much difference , archer seemed like a joke in front Tenda here

2) Tenda AC10 vs Archer C6 v2 vs Archer C6 v3 vs Few others


Result - Here also Tenda AC10 outperformed both Archer C6 v2 & v3 by comfortable margins
( Archer C6 v3 has improved over v2 apparently still nowhere near Tenda AC10'S numbers )

Except just the one the speedtest comparison at first which was done like way too close to the router in which both routers perfomed equally good , Tenda AC10 performed way better be it 2.4ghz or 5 ghz band across all tests . There are bunch of other vidoes too on YouTube claiming Tenda AC10 having lot better coverage & speed than Archer C6 but lets leave them , the ones i gave are good enough tests to put forward my point . If the Tenda AC10 is so much better than Archer C6 , then why isn't it even half as much know or acclaimed like the Archer C6's are ? Why doesn't anyone talk about Tenda AC10 if they are really so good , something doesn't feel right to me . Possibly someone having used both these routers will be able to clear this up properly

What do all of you guys have to say about this ? Do all the tests in the video look reliable enough to base a purchase decision over it ? I am really stuck at this point . Its safe to say that way too many people use Archer C6 here it being so popular , don't you guys get speed drops like shown in the video ?

On another note , I am definitely open to suggestions for different options apart from these 2 within my budget
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I don't know about Tenda but I bought TP-Link because of their warranty service.
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Im using the Tenda one since last 6 months. No speed drop issue, its usually on 24hrs all month with 10 devices connected. Pings over wifi are really nice, comparable to ethernet if close. Overall a good router.
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@nishantt6969 thanks for the approval of Tenda AC10 . There's so less of it on internet. It gave me a bit of confidence over it now . In the similar threads section of my post , i can see one post made by you - Bridge Mode Sucks for me | Airtel Xstream Broadband where you seem to be having some issues in Tenda AC10 whereby you can't seem to get past 300 mbps on it , so was that issue unrelated to Tenda & it got solved by other means ? Just asking what came out of it as a conclusion

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@Notorious Your recommendation for A6 over Tenda is just based off the OpenWRT or something else as well ?
Also i am not really much into routers , so don't know how much impact or improvement does a custom firmware like OpenWRT does
Secondly , did you saw the youtube vidoes i have linked in my post , i mean if that's legit how both routers perfom then C6 lags far behind in comparison to Tenda. So just curious to know about your reasoning . Thanks for the comment
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@xd003 I can get 370+mbps on 300mbps plan using the Tenda router over 5ghz, but I dont know why airtel broadband noida server's download speed is locked at 250-270mbps but upload is unrestricted using the tenda router, rest everything is fine, I get superb speeds on this router.
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