NEEDS to change routing ASAP.

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I play Warcraft 3 on and am getting around 500ms to the server.Previously there was also some other guy who complained about this so i sent an email to MTnl support regarding this issue and they replaied asking for Tracert and ping but then no reply.Looking at the tracert we can see that data is sent whole world round in the West direction and it should be in East because INdia is in East. :S I have discussed these matters with other friends of mine who play in that server and we are desperate to get the routing changed.Plz can someone look after this and suggest me something.PLZ CHANGE ROUTING.
Can you post output of tracert here? If you have D-Link router then I should be able to give you a command that will bypass most of the hops fo this perticular server ( ).
UT 300r2u is the modem I am having.And if i get D-Link router how can the pings be improved because my friend has suck modem..I wanna try it out.And here is the output of the tracert as asked :
Routing is a problem with MTNL...Since there is no one to contact at MTNL regarding these type of issues.. i tried complaining to FLAG telecom (reliance) from whom they buy bandwidth..yet to receive any kind of response..Now they are using VSNL but the routes are as circuitous as ever..
yep..flagtel routing policies are messed up... to reach korea every packet undergo world with no option and no hope:wall: i have switched to USEAST server(D2)... though europe is the fastest for MTNL users.
Try creating a static route in the router so that it directly forwards packets to and then broadcast this route. Not sure about UT 300r2u , does it run linux? If it does and you can telnet to it, then you can do this on this router as well.

i don't know if 300r2u runs linux or not. but we can telnet to it pukka:cool2:
Try creating a static route in the router so that it directly forwards packets to and then broadcast this route.

HOw do I do that??
i do see an option of static route in my Ut300r2u router...

Routing -- Static Route (A maximum 32 entries can be configured)

Destination Subnet Mask Gateway Interface Remove
i know what the 1st 2 are ..but rest 3..ithink mtnl changes gateway ip from time to time..dunno for sure..and is interface ( or 1.1)..

and how to broadcast..:wall: