experience? copy/part of reliancesmart/jiomart ?

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So I ordered some medicine as it was showing next day delivery available and due to some problem I cannot go to the local pharmacy which is a bit far.

It is only showing pickup not attempted, so what is your experience with this site?

Website design is a copy of reliancesmart/jiomart, idk if netmeds is owned by reliance retail too
best is to get medicine from local .. don;t rely on internet company in lockdown
I ordered medicines from 1mg, my experience has been okay. Local stores tend to only offer medicines that give them good margins, on 1mg I could select what I actually needed.
i ordered from pharmasy easy and they delivered order :xD guy came on scotter :xD
this is in june ( india is unlocking lol )

Will never forget these assholes sold me infrared thermometer for Rs. 7500 in May when it was sold out everywhere. Real cost was 2500. Never again.
So we are back to ordering medicines online, and most of the supplements are out of stock.