New 256Kbps Data Transfer Pack(1 GB) --Rs 500

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"The 1 GB Data Transfer pack @ 256 kbps at Rs.950 vaild for 3 months….gives great value @ just Rs.316 per month!"What the hell does this mean???????Do we get 1GB every month....
Rs.316 x 3 = 948 which is what they mean by that pricing but that takes s*ckiness to a new level and its level of s*ckiness cannot properly be expressed by the word s*cks. The true s*ckiness of that is shown by the fact that 1Gb at 32kbps will expire in exactly 9 hours 6 minutes 8 seconds used at full speed. This freakin pack is supposed to last 3 months?
and who is going to take this pack :blink:

Heh we used to joke about their slogan. Hamara sapna subka apna. That would mean "Our dream (is) everyones dream" or as we interpreted it "Our dream is to own everyones stuff".Their phones were weird too (not the lines the actual phones), they worked great for some and others said they were bad but a lot of girls liked it 😉 (I'm not going to to explain that just get a reliance phone and see for yourself 😉 )

i might try it..... 😱........cause i use that snail pace 40kbps unlimited connection for day. Don't download anythin just for browsing.....
Beware. Many people, myself included, get 10-14 kbps on Reliance.