New BSNL broad band connection with ut-300r2

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I have bought a new ut300r2 modem provided by bsnl for dataone... but as soon as i connect it to my pc only POWER and LAN light appears whereas the bsnl officials say WAN light should also come up.... Thus i am not able to connect it once.... I am using windows xp...Please help me...
i not a hardware techie, but if the wan light does not come on, it means you're not connected to `bsnl' i may be wrong and would be grateful if someone could please give a more detailed reply.. ty in advance.. pupudada
well that doesnt mean BROADBAND is not enabled on that line somtime if the line is too noisy then modem will not able to sync to the DSLAM ...check ur line call the BSNL ppl.. 🙂