New connection - recommended?

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AirTel Broadband
Hey guys,I live in Sanjaynagar and I was contemplating getting myself an ACT connection. Their plans seem tempting to me but I have been reading reviews around here and they don't seem to be very good. At least the majority of them.Right now i am on Airtel 16Mbps 80Gb. I'm happy with the connection, no doubt. The download speeds are always what above 2MBps. Anyways, ACT is offering 15Mbps for way cheaper and one of my neighbors has the connection, he said he's happy with the connection and he constantly gets good speeds and sometimes more contrary to most of the reviews here.Should i get an ACT connection or not guys?Regards,Kalpak Khemka
1st i doubt the presence of ACT network @ sanjaynagar. If its available get a connection, see for its stability for 1 month n get ur airtel connection off.
U will face problem from ACT side if the fiber cuts bcz u know their technicians r dam lazy