New Reliable Washing-Machine Recommendation

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I am back looking for another online purchase recommendation.

This time I am looking for a washing machine for my grandmother's home.

Personally, I use a Samsung Front Loader (8 Kg one) and it works quite well. More importantly, my mom likes it 🙂

For my grandmother's home, something with more control (e.g. fill water manually) might work better perhaps - hence I am thinking of going with a top loader this time.

They live in a small city, hence servicing could be a problem there. With washing machines, initial leveling and correct installation really makes a big difference.

What would be your thoughts on this topic? Have you found a brand that has been reliable and easy to operate over a long time with minimal servicing?

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Hi.. I would have suggested you to refer my own thread but since you want it for grandma , I suppose Top load (TL) is a good choice.
Is hot water a requirement?? Afaik, only whirlpool has provision for hot water. These are the one I had chosen before opting for Front load.

I had to choose between LG and Samsung, I chose LG. LG has decent after sales service.
My thread for further info.. You can refer to suggestions from @socrates since he has TL machine.
Edit: My uncle has a Whirlpool TL which has inbuilt water heater. It been 8+ years and still going good.
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But bro, in semi machine, you have to move wet clothes from one section to another. And it's his grandmother who will be using.
Not to mention, clothes after getting wet become bulky. It would be cumbersome for a women of her age to do so much work.
A fully auto machine would make more sense, IMO.
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I have heard good things about Whirpool TL - and might simply go with it. Thanks!

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I just found out that LG has a retail presence (showroom) in their city. No sign of Whirlpool there it seems.
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My uncle had some issue with the drum. On analysis, it was found that the plastic bridge between heater and drum had melted(clearly a design defect). My uncle told him to remove the heating element, which he did promptly and replaced with new drum.
Damages ~3-4k.
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