New Service 69kbps Fully Free

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Bsnl 500
I have heard that bsnl gave 69kbps net service fully need to pay anything for this and it is it true???
@ Bluecafe , AFAIK there is/was no such (free)
Internet service by any ISP . perhaps you are mistaken ...

pls see this new internet service for rural areas : Link
There had been free ISP providers in past on dial-up mode but in a sense those were not fully free as still you had to pay for dial charges. However there is a plan present in Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting which has a roadmap to make certain zones, especially commercial hubs, wi-fi enabled. And that would not be secure, would be free for anyone having equipment to simply connect.Rather than medical check up tuning latest broadcasts and trends would be better appropach, just wait for right day, you may get totally free connectivity.-- RKS

Which source you are referring ? The 2006 vision doc or any old junk ? I don't have a web link for this year's statement by Mr. Maran, hang on for a couple of quarters, you would soon hear the launch too.-- RKS