New Services Added To Dataone Portal

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New services have been added to DataOne PortalTestCat123, newcategory, test999, eeeee, 7455Has someone got any information about these services?They show "The Visible service does not exist" after being clicked upon...Are they associated with Game Package????Lets Discuss....
looks more like some fool been given too much powers to change the backend of the bsnl web based system.
I think sushubh is right, many other services are added which r of no use (seems so)These are :-TestCat123 | newcategory | test999 | eeeee | 7455 | 1235 gjjjjj | jik | jjjj | jjjasd | servcat1 | servcat3 | servtest11 | testghh | testserv2
I cant even access , i guess its down for some maintainance work , some fool might have played with the site for a day