New Sify Unlimited Plans Download Limits

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Well i got a call from a customer care representative today afternoon, he said that new conditions are gonna come into effect from 1 june 2005

now the daily allowed download limit would 200 M.B./day earlier its used to 125M.B.

but now when ever u download 25M.B. over the limit ,one day of ur validity would be deducted. earlier this used to be also at 125M.B.

i told him this is totally BS and i don't accept these terms

he told me that whether u agree or not its up to you but now this is how its gonna work around here

man this is the final BS that i am gonna suffer from Sify. i am going for DSL Nu from MTNL 😀

this is the limit. I am gonna draw the line now
already every month i loose around a week of validity because of these limits.

my advise is junk sify and move to mtnl or bsnl whatever suits u or available to u.
sify will suck the blood out of ur body. 🙁
Funny, don't the CC guys have correct information about their limits themselves? It's clearly written to be 150 MB on Sify's site, not 125 MB 😛
atleast you guys have the option of going with DSL, i am like stuck with sify.I can't get MTNL since we just shifted to this new place where MTNL doesn't provide the connection unless there are 10 or 11 members in the society who want it. Most of them have tata walkys.Reliance has laid their fibre cable right next to my house but they haven't started their broadband service yet.Exattnet offers the service at my place but they want me to take a yearly account otherwise they are afraid i might switch to some other service.
Haha Suraj, I am in a worse condition than you. No MTNL here too, they haven't laid cables here. And no Reliance broadband and no other private ISP. The only choice, Sify or Internet over CDMA (which I also have from Reliance and I get 10 kilobits per second on it!).
ha ha very funnyNeXgeNcould a mod please change the title to "New Sify Unlimited Plans Download Limits"That would be more appropiate i think

hey was wondering who the legal tem on sify is... am doubting if they even have a legal team. me thinks its bunch of monkeys who randomly punch keys on a typewriter and every 100th word is counted as law around here. damn... those must be some very expensive monkeys. :lol:
Sify's @#$! limits! I was not even informed of the 150MB limit, and when I cautiously tested it with 150MB, 200MB, nothing seemed to happen. So I download about a GB on torrents, and suddenly a whole 15 damn days are deducted off my account.A miserable loser at sify's customer care proceeded to tell me that sify's terms can change anytime as per there rules, and its our responsibility to contact sify to find out what else is new 🙄 . Plus, when I asked what the "unlimited" word is supposed to convey, I was told that this refers to unlimited browsing, not downloading. O Holy Owners of Sickfy Broadband, tell us, what new technique have you developed to seperate downloading and browsing, because, as far as I know, both are one and the same goddamn thing.
then 1 day they will put limit of 10 mb and deduct whole month for 300 mb 😵 . sify an change it any time ..........