Newbie Help - Buy Or Dont Buy Router?

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tata indicom vsnl
Hi, I'm in the process of applying for MTNL Triband and I have option to buy or not buy the router. I'm a total non-techie, please advise whether it is worth it to shell out a lumpsum now for the router or to keep paying rental to MTNL every month. Also these are 4 options given by MTNL on their site, could you point me to the best one? Thanks a ton!
a. D-Link 502 T
b. Comtrend CT-564
c. Westell A –90-30199-07
d. ZyXEL Prestige 660 H –61
e. Erricsson HM410c
f. Xavi(7722+)
mtnl won't giv u a choice between the routers .. its based more on subject to availability .. usually a UTStarcom 300R2u is provided(not on list) or the D-Link one...buying or not buying is upto u.. if u rent it then the advantage is that if the router dies on u then MTNL will have to replace it for u. and if u buy ur own then u save 50 bucks a month but the warranty is usually only 1yr.
Sorry, my mistake - the list I put up is the list of 'compatible routers' given by MTNL in case I want to purchase my own. Had no clue which is a better one out of the bunch - so wanted some tips on which one is a better option.Thanks!
I will advice you to buy ur own modem of preferably D-Link, dsl 502t or glb 502t. But donot forget to get receipt and gurantee for atleast 1 yr. The cost is about the 1 yr rent and initial charge by MTNL. Router normally do not get faulty very often. Ofcourse adopter provided with router gets faulty. An additional adopter will be very beneficial.