No HDR option w/ latest set top box firmware update

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Jio Gigafiber
Few days back I got firmware update in my set top box which changed settings interface totally. Earlier as multiple people pinned out, HDR was always enabled. But now it is disabled all the time and I don't see any option to enable it.
Can someone please confirm if you are also observing the same?
Send the scrn shots.!!
@kanansrin, I have attached screenshots. I dont see any other option in color depth or color space menu items. And if you see in one screenshot there is a info on top-left corner which is shown by my TV. It would show HDR at the end if set top box was sending HDR signal. Before this new settings interface update came, all options were same except back then my TV would show HDR signal and I could see the difference in 4k youtube videos. But now HDR seems to be off and there is no way to enable it...


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