No need to buy internet dongle anymore for your lappy

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I don't know hw many know about it, but u can use your smarphone 3G as hotspot to connect internet to the nearby devices like lappy, tablet etc. which has wifi capability.
Hotspot can cause your phone to become hot, very hot. Battery drain is another issue.
You'll need to constantly charge your phone to the laptop while using a hotspot. It's good for short uses.
One phone call and your hotspot would go cold.
How good you would feel when you are middle of a payment and you get a call, connection would be F*ed
This even existed in era of Nokia N70 or may be more earlier, I used to use it thru PC Suit.
I had Tata Photon+ for long time but ditched that due to lack of win 8 driver for long long time. Since than I upgraded my vodafone 3G plan and using it using wifi hotspot or mosly USB tether and had no issues. In USB tether battery also charges.
And as someone mention 2G tech is single channel - Data OR Voice. In 3G both can come simultaneously so that also no problem.
Advantage is 1 less monthly bill I have to care about, Overall cheaper and one less thing to carry all the time.