Not Able To Download Anything In Nu Period

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MTNL Broadband
Guys , for past 3-4 weeks, the power goes off at 12 midnight sharp and returns at 3 am. This has been happening regularly for the past 3-4 weeks.I live in Paschim Vihar, Delhi.Now my question to u guys is that1) anybody else facing a similar problem in delhi?2) whats the solution..........can I sorta schedule my PC to turn itself on at 3 am after power resumes.And I am damn sure there is something fishy on BSES's part.There is no feedback email mentioned on BSES site and the BSES call centre doesnt have a clue ?
BSES has a deal with MTNL to stop people from using free bandwidth?
Well actually BSES is known for business malpracticesThey cut power for many reasons......2 of which are1) They are paid by inverter companies2) They cut power in areas where percentage power theft is no theftGuys I am pissed at all this. Whats the use of NU when u cant use it? and I cant wake up till 3 am to download stuff.
The solution - Invite 4-5 BSES engineers to live in your area. Your problem is solved 😉 .I have about 10 - 12 societies around my neighborhood, all of them have a power cut of 2-3 hours in a week, regularly. But I don't. WHY? Beacuse 7 NDPL engineers stay in my locality 😀 . They've done something (I don't know what) , so that we are always the last ones on the list, when it comes to deciding where power has to be cut.

hmm. that happens in the locality with all the senior government officials.