Not Receiving some OTP SMS after porting from Airtel to Jio

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I got banned!
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I recently ported from Airtel to Jio and since then, I am not receiving SMS from some senders, most notably Google, so I cannot login to me Google accounts (2FA) or to Google Pay. I was receiving OTPs earlier, so the problem seems to be that some database somewhere is not updated with the information that my number now belongs to Jio and hence the SMS routing is failing

  1. I am receiving all other OTPs from most senders and SMS from regular numbers, so not a problem with handset settings etc. (Its an iPhone, so no scope of changing settings either)
  2. I have deactivate DND completely
  3. I spoke to Jio customer care and they told me since I am receiving SMS from other sources, the problem is not at their end and there's nothing they can do about it
  4. Cannot open a ticket with Google or contact their customer service since I cannot login to my account
It has been approx 1 week. Is there any merit in waiting for this problem to be fixed automatically? If someone else had the same problem, how did they resolve it?
Google allows you to get the code over a phone call too right? Doesn't that work?

Or you can try the recovery options -- Google Accounts

This doesn't solve the actual problem, but yeah for issues such as this, Google makes it really hard to contact them.

Have you tried reaching out to Airtel?
Thanks, for some reason, the admins banned my last account. For regular google sign-in, they do allow, which is how I logged into my account and opened a ticket. However, the Google Pay doesn't have such an option, so I am still without a solution.

Airtel won't even talk to me, because I am not their customer anymore and mean nothing to them.

On that topic, I believe there would be a database somewhere which lists which number belongs to which operator, to allow proper routing of SMS and it might not have replicated this properly to some other servers/databases.

Would like to hear if others have faced this problem, too.
Not a solution per se but trying your sim on another phone(Android) could help in narrowing down the problem. In all probability you would have tried that but since didn't see you mentioning it, thought suggesting it
This is very rare issue but it happens. I was a Voda customer and sms from Paytm and few other services got blocked. CC was useless but then i had to visit store multiple times to get that fixed. The advantage with Voda and airtel is, their backend team is accessible thru their stores. But with Jio this is not the case.

Going back to Airtel is not an option, as it doesn't work in any of the places I need it the most. I will turn off DND, to make sure it isn't causing issues (Have to wait till tomorrow, because of the 7 days waiting period) or I will have to switch to another app for UPI bill payments. Would be a shame, because Google Pay suited my requirements perfectly and none of the other apps do.
Maybe it's a long stretch, but try swapping the SIM.

I had a different issue with Jio a while back (in 2017), I tried to activate international roaming some 6-7 hours before my trip by recharging with the IR pack. As per the notes on their site at the time, on activating IR for the first time, your lose the signal for sometime and then it reconnects. However, once I got the signal, VoLTE was disabled and didn't connect no matter what device I used. It connects to LTE so I had data but couldn't make or receive calls or sms.
Complained, tried to escalate but no luck. Luckily international roaming worked, so it did connect to the roaming network and I could make and receive calls. While I was abroad, I did get calls from Jio saying the issue is resolved. Back in India and the same situation, LTE data works, but no voice calls or sms. I was using the JioVoice app to get SMS and calls.

Finally, despite Jio saying it wouldn't help, I went ahead and got the SIM changed and like magic voice/sms started working. 😅😅

If I had to guess, once the IR got activated, some internal process failed which prevented VoLTE from being re-activated. Ideally this could have been corrected easily by their backend team, but getting an issue escalated to them is like impossible on Jio. The SIM swap probably, re-triggered the process so things worked post the sim swap.

TL;DR A SIM swap might help and worth a shot.