Oh my hewlett packard

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yay you got it! it really is a beauty isnt it? 🙂i dont know for sure if you upgrade to 2gb whether the video ram will also increase... although i believe it should and its not important anyways...i have not really done battery life test with low or high usage, but i think 1.5 - 2 hrs with the standard battery seems right...what are you doing during the 90 min? do you dim the screen and are you running some app that takes a lot of CPU?also, make sure you get the latest vista auto updates, i believe there are already improvements especially with bootup/shutdown times and wireless stability, even before SP1...
Man, yes it really is a beauty. I was watching a DVD and the battery dried out in 90 mins. I searched net and found that it is usual and battery backup is not great in this model. Anyway its fine for me as this is not gonna be my travelmate.I'm yet to do the auto update, need to set up the internet connection to be shared with my existing BB. (Still searching for links here..🙂 ). Shud do that ASAP as shutdown time is very bad now. Anyway Im facinated by this one. The one touch login and swap user feature (fingerprint reader) and the touch screen support , especially while I browse is really great!!!. The touchpad and the vertical scroller is also superb. Its really easy to navigate. Altogether its a gem. I will upgrade to 4GB soon, planning to import RAM from some friends overseas. Till then, its gonna be 1GB.Things which should have been better are1, the screen layout changes to portrate automatically when I convert it to tablet. I need to use the rotate button thrice before I get it in the same landscape mode. (is there any way to...)2, Volume buttons are not accessible while in tablet mode. I think the remote or the touch screen is the only way out.Anyway I just started. There are lot of features to be discovered now. And this machine really rocks.. 🙂 First I am planning to set up the internet right and then install ubuntu. I got my 32 and 64 bit version CDs and planning to try out the 64 bit now. 🙂
cool 🙂i also liked the feel of the keyboard and trackpad/scrollbar...
I have upgraded the RAM of my tx1301au. I have total of 4GB RAM.Video memory also gets its increased share. I think 25% of your total memory will be used for video under standard factory settings. Hope it helps!🙂
Oh thanks !!! how much did you spend for your 4GB? Did it increase the performance?
32 bit OS cant use that much ram... i have 4 GB myself. vista 32bit shows around 3.5 GB.

I think there is 32 bit and 64 bit versions for Vista home premium. How to check whether your VHP is 64 bit or not.Anyway, 3.5 GB should be awesome.
i do a lot of weird stuff on my machine but i have never used more than 2GB at any given time. and this include video conversion while watching a movie and running firefox with 20 tabs on 😉
The tablet is really cool. I believe the new tx2000 series will be even better with it's active touchscreen digitizer which means you can easily do handwriting and not just the basic tapping on the tx1000 series currently 🙂 I am even thinking of selling off (or handing off to an uncle/cousin) my tx1302au and get the new tx2xxx when it comes out!The only think lacking (if you're into gaming) is it has onboard nvidia graphics and not the higher powered discreet 8xxx graphics with dedicated video memory...
I paid INR 2300 for each Transcend 2GB 667Mz RAM in Bangalore. This has a 3 year warranty (I dont know whether i will be using that laptop after 3years!) Sold the pre-installed two 512MB RAMs for INR 150 each !. its not a good deal but I wanted to get rid off those 2 x 512MB RAMs at any cost. The performance is better. But not the best.I think the optimum RAM for tx1301au with Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit) is somewhere between 2 to 3GB. If you are looking for a RAM upgrade on tx1301au, then you can just replace one 512MB ram with 2GB single chip. Then the total RAM would be 2.5GB. That should be enough.