One Today by Google for Android and iOS

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One Today by Google is a mobile app that brings together people and nonprofits through the simple act of giving $1.The app is currently available through a limited pilot.
One Today will present you with a new project every day from a nonprofit that is changing the world. You can donate to the projects that inspire you with just one click. Amplify your impact by sharing your donations with your friends on social media and matching their contributions to your favorite projects.
Not available in India though. Website

Pretty cool concept. A mobile app to donate to worthy causes.
One of the campaigns is focused on India.

Apparently the web interface accepted my donation. Not sure if it would be processed in the backend.
I do not think Google has dedicated money yet. I read some more information and looks like Google waits for a few days for you to donate a few times. And then you can pay for multiple donations in one go. Basically, using the app you are pledging to donate. It's not instant donation. I am not sure why they took this complicated way out.
Maybe they wanted to save on the credit card charges that are deducted on all payments made through Google Wallet?
Pay it forward feature
Enhanced giving profile
Match notifications

Pay it forward basically make available your money for donation that others decide where they should go.