OnePlus Nord? Or something else.

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I am currently using a Google Pixel 2XL (64 GB). The one and only reason besides vanilla android experience was its camera that made me get this phone.

And when I say camera, I was only impressed with its photography. The details and HDR are amazing. Although it was launched three years ago, it still takes amazing photos. Can give the latest OnePlus phones a run for their money. Videos are okay, just okay. Nothing great.

iPhones are still the best when it comes to videos, hands down, the best camera phones for videos.

At this point I am wondering if it makes sense to get a OnePlus Nord, and then invest money in a point and shoot camera such as Sony ZV-1. Because if I've to spend around 70-80k on a phone to get good photos and videos, I might as well invest in a proper camera, right? Because I don't really have a problem carrying a small camera. I already have an SLR, which I use all the time for part time photography.

Any input?
Smartphones have a long way to go before getting the same pictures as a SLR or a DSLR.
Get a midrange flagship smartphone and a point and shoot camera.
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tbh, a regular person who has not studied photography or cameras would very likely take better photos from a decent camera phone than on a dslr in not-so-perfect conditions. phone camera software is just more advance to take a better shot in any condition. cameras on the other hand would do well in good lighting conditions in auto mode. but would generally disappoint in complicated conditions.

i have a pretty old but pretty good for its time point and shoot RX100 first generation model. and i think i had a nexus 5 at the time. and nexus 5 took better photos in most scenarios compared to RX100.
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Exactly my point. Computational photography has come a long way. Photos from Pixel and latest iPhones are absolutely amazing. Sometimes I use phone photos and pass it on to clients, they don't realize the difference. Lol.

RX100 is at its 7th generation. And I think iPhones can really do a good job, unless you're somebody who'd process the photos from the point and shoot and edit them artistically. So I'm actually confused about what to do.
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