ONT giving high pings and no LAN discovery

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▪️ BSNL Fiber
▪️ Jio 5G
▪️ AS139195-Seans Media
ONT on the wifi giving high pings -- Alphion ONT-1143
Also my ONT doesnt discover devices on the LAN ports when connected (Serious problem because my AP cannot be connected)!!! It inturn assigns a 169.254.xx.xx ip which I dont know why it assigns , can someone shed some light on this . Also ONT keeps dropping Wifi connection

As ONT drops Wifi connection , that is why I bought Archer C6 and put it in AP mode , even that is not working 🙁
Take a back-up of the ont configurations and just try resetting the ont. It seems like a error which occurred for me a while ago. The symptoms are DHCP server issue and high latency to the ont. Resetting the ont helped me on that situation.
Before that try assigning static IP to some device and check the ping.
But the ONT is getting replaced tomorrow . I am fine with that. Anyhow my link is down today
BSNL made my link go kaput trying to put my ONT into bridge mode. Socha kuch aur tha , ho gya kuch aur !