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Yamuna Nagar
Airtel Fiber
I noticed today morning that my ONT is rebooting randomly. Looked into it's log but couldn't find a clear reason but noticed a particular failure message after every 7 minutes and when that happened, consequently the ONT rebooted. The message was "read change du cmd key failed". What is the issue here and how to go about fixing it? Attached below is truncated log showing event entries when problem first started and a day before that.

the same thing happened with me today morning. Looks like a problem with airtel. Modem rebooting at 7 minutes. But now the problem looks like fixed.
Having the same issue, Airtel is saying everything is okay & no one shows up when registering the complain, it's so frustrating, any solution anyone have?
How many times it happened? Now a days Airtel pushes firmware updates from backend and it causes ont to reboot. If it's once in a while ignore. If it repeats again and again then there's an issue.
@rohitks Airtel guy just came and said that he updated the firmware, but the issue is still persistent & it's restarting every 2-3 minutes.
Also Router Date keeps changing to 1970-01-01 even after setting up in NTP.
Other than firmware or ONT hardware defects, reboots also happen because of defective power adapters OR mains supply voltage.

If you guys have a DMM handy measure the output at the DC end. Also, how stable is the power supply in your area? Power adapters are designed to use a wide range of voltages normally 100-240v but sudden sags can drop DC output to the router & can cause it to reboot. Check if you could attach a low capacity voltage stabiliser or even a router UPS.

This is essentially the simplest way to diagnose random reboots...DMMs are quite cheap online and for measuring DC low voltage you don't need to buy those expensive ones.
Airtel Tech, told me that it might be, I have a same connection on the same number & on the same line, also router firmware is not updating from their end so there is Router & line change appointment is scheduled for today.

Let's see how it turns out.
@Chip Airtel guy fixed it and in 7 days now it's not working at all. only worked for 7 days.

Another guy visited and checked all parameters, everything looks good, he said that it's a backend issue and 3 days and still no resolution,

I am planning to switch to a different ISP now lol, it's so frustrating to deal with this guys.
I am pi##ed off my self about Airtel. 😡 They are billing me for the static IP that I gave up in Aug and Netflix premium that I never used. This company's QoS is dropping and all they're bothered about is increasing their revenues.