ONU rebooting every 5 minutes

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New Delhi
My ONU is rebooting in every 3-5 minutes.
They first installed optilink xont 71000 and then replaced it with gxgroup Earth 1000r, after I raised complaint, but I am having same problem with new ONU
I have the same ONT and it is working fine.

Maybe its the power adapter? You should also change the ONT password, also change the default IP to something else.
ok, this may sound a bit silly but you can try plugging the fiber into PON port but not all the way in (just enough to make the link led light up.). This could reduce the fiber optic power a bit if that is the issue.

Also, what is the fiber optic power you are getting? Its in the ONU Web Interface.
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If it is a high rx power cause reboot then I have seen other people here who mentioned twisting the patch cord in a tight loop reduce the power level... but risk of damage