Outsourcing To India Boosting Usa's Per Capita Income

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As reports go, total software exports to USA is $20 billion. Honestly, US businesses must have saved $10 billion in those contracts. If they save $10 billion each year, and if each year's $10 billion savings earns 10% return, total benefit because of outsourcing may be $3 billion this year. That is, assuming USA has population of 300 million, outsourcing has added $10 additional incomes for US citizens this year. In next year it will be $20 according to calculations.Please comment
umm. how many people in USA do lose their jobs due to outsourcing?
umm is that so? give me some news reports on that. 🙂 esp the ones which would prove that their new jobs are as well paying as the jobs which were outsourced. 😀
err? how much have that $10billion paid for unemployment benefits to thsoe jobless people? 😛
Can't say about ITES, but as far as Application Development is concerned, US market is not too bad.I have been trying to hire 3 developers in NY for last few months to no avail 🙁. Any decent developer need not worry about effect of outsourcing on their job, at least not at the moment.Simply because India and rest of offshoring destinations command less then 5% of market in IT.