Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid (short term loans)

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Buy today and pay next month with Paytm ICICI Bank Postpaid

You can now get up to 45 days interest-free credit on Paytm. The credit amount ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000, and is extendable up to Rs 20,000 based on your repayment history. Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid will also offer a quick checkout to customers with the Paytm Passcode and is available 24x7 and on all days of the year.

Why do I need to link my ICICI Bank Savings account?
While setting up your Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid account, you would be required to link your ICICI Bank savings bank account to Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid. This allows you to pay the Postpaid bill from the linked ICICI bank account automatically every month.

What is Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid? How it works.
Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid allows you to buy today and pay later. You can set up your Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid account through the Profile section on the Paytm app. Confirm a few details as mentioned in the application page and enable your Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid within minutes.
You can select ‘Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid’ as a payment option for your purchases on the platform. Using Paytm-ICICI Bank Postpaid as a payment mode, you can book movie and travel tickets, do mobile recharges and shop on Paytm Mall.

seems like a complicated virtual credit card.

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