PC doesn't boot up after a new system update is installed

I had purchased Windows 8 in the first month of its release and since then I haven't encountered a single error.
But off late, I'm experiencing serious trouble.
Whenever a Windows automatic update is installed, after shutting down the laptop when it's booted again I get a message on a blue screen saying that the PC has encountered an error and needs to restart. It also shows an error code like 0x000021a or something similar. I don't remember the code exactly. While that message is displayed, a percentage meter goes to 100 and the PC is automatically rebooted.
Then it tries to diagnose and repair but fails and says that the PC could not be repaired and a certain log file is saved at a a certain location.
Then the only thing which saves me is going to the Advanced Options within that recovery mode and restoring a system point.
This is very annoying. Today is the second time this error has come up within 4 days. Never encountered this issue before.
Can someone please help me on this.
Well. The easiest way would be to restore your Windows 8. You would lose your apps but data would be preserved.
Two possibilities for Sure.
Some Hardware is About to Fail, as BSOD errors are mostly Hardware Based
Some Hardware is not compatible with the files updated/Driver updated, wait for the next update to fix it or pin point the failing hardware
and roll back/re-install the drivers
You must note down the complete Error code and then Google It, I am sure someone somewhere already had replied for that error code.
This has happened twice, so I can wait for another update but I'm not gonna install it. Making my PC work again takes a lot of time. I did search for that error code when I encountered the issue for the first time. Couldn't find much related to it. I can check out my Opera Mini history and get the error code but there are no good and helpful links that come up on searching that error code. Recently I have started using Bluetooth a lot on my laptop as I have purchased a new set of Bluetooth headsets. I turn off my PC with Bluetooth on, can that be am issue? Unlikely it seems as wifi is always on too. But I'm saying the Bluetooth thing because that is the only hardware difference I can see in my PC since the last few days.
So it's not a Bluetooth issue. Installed an update now and bluetooth was off and still the same issue.
When I click on either 'Shutdown and Update' or 'Restart and Update', while it's updating before turning off, the process of installation runs fine.
Then comes 'Configuring Updates' with the trademark dotted circle of Microsoft rotating. When the configuration is around 80%, the moving circle moves to the left of the screen, and the text vanishes. This happened yesterday and today too.
So I guess it's not a boot up issue but there is something wrong in the manner in which the system is handling the installation process (configuration to be precise) of these updates.
I din't like the shitty windows 8 from day one. Got numerous BSODs in two days. Chucked it out at once and back to 7. Hard earned money down the drain 🙁

Nobody can check whats wrong with the setup without Exact error message
Its like asking a doctor you give you medicine but you won't speak up the problem :nono: :nono:
This is what I have experienced.
On earlier two occasions when the problem occurred, multiple updates were installed and I couldn't keep a track of all the updates and the KB numbers.After restoring my system, I begun installing each update one by one and here is how it went:
1. Windows Defender KB2267602 - No reboot required - Worked fine2. Update for Windows 8 KB2845533 - Reboot required - Worked fine3. Update for Windows 8 KB2808679 - Reboot required - Worked fine4. Update for MS Camera Codec Pack for Windows 8 (KB2836187) - No reboot required - Worked fine5. Security Update for Windows 8 KB2845690 - Reboot required - Worked fine6. Security Update for Windows 8 KB2839894 - Reboot required - Worked fine7. Security Update for Windows 8 KB2839229 - Reboot required - Worked fine8. Security Update for Windows 8 KB2813430 - Reboot required - Worked fine9. Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8 KB2847928 - Reboot required - Worked fine10. Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 KB2838727 - Reboot required -Crashed on reboot with the same message mentioned in the first post of this thread and the error code being 0xc000021aAgain had to perform a system restore to get my PC boot up.I hope this information helps and you are able to help me out based on it.