Pc To Tv?

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I know that TV tuner cards have been discussed a few times on thsi forum, but I need to do the opposite. I want to get a video feed from my PC to the TV mainly so that I can use the DVD drive to view movies on the Tv (for the obvious reason that it is much bigger than the monitor). And of course watching DivX movies on the TV would be nice too. (btw I don't have a standalone DVD player, hence this inquiry).Anyone know of a good solution? I know that till a few years back atleast you could do this, but the resulting quality would be poor. Has it improved now?
we get tv tuner cards with s-video out which will do the trickeven GPUs hav s-video out
i use the same setup here. S-video out from laptop to RCA on tv...(TV is a bit ancient). i had to get this particualr adapter from the US and i could not find a suitable one here that worked in colour.
unfortunately the computer is an old piece of cr*p and doesn't have a graphics card... the video card only has a VGA out. I guess TV tuner would be an option, but I don't really want to use my computer as a TV.Is there any USB solution?

I didnt know you could get video cards that cheap! My 6600 Geforce cost over 6000 bucks!!
I was talking about PCI based grafix cards. These were used in 1990s, but can still be used with today's PCs.
we get tv tuner cards with s-video out which will do the trick[/b]

my pinnacle one has S-video in...may be others have S-video out... 🤔