Ping spikes when downloading stuff.


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Airtel Xstream Fiber (300Mbps)
Router : RPi-4B (OpenWrt), TP-Link A6 (AP)
I have noticed ping spikes while downloading/upload any stuff in jio fiber. It didnt happen in airtel even when exhausting the whole bandwidth while measuring ping.

With this observation, I have a question. What if the other people connected to the same dp box as I am download/upload stuff at full speed of their plan, will I get ping spikes?
Go to this site, Speed test - how fast is your internet? | DSLReports, ISP Information
Do a test and check what does it say about Buffer bloat.

Your issue sounds like bufferbloat. It probably didn't happen on airtel because their router was more capable or simply configured to handle it.
It says there is bufferfloat thing,How to get over it?
What's the bufferbloat rating according to that site?

You can try complaining to Jio and upgrading your router. I don't know if Jio has QoS settings but if they have it, Try experimenting with those.
I didnt find any Qos settings in jio router. The router I am having is the latest one with latest firmware, better than the old one. Even if I use some other router connected to jio router with cable, issue is going to last even then right?
Also, the pings to gateway are 1-4ms. To default dns server is also 3-5ms. Pings in game are also comparable to airtel, but I get 1% packet loss in csgo sometimes, Any idea why is that? 10-20 times during a 40minutes game session.

I invite guys with different jio routers to come and tell if they face such an issue, also name their router model.
ping spikes when downloading happens on airtel Nokia router as well. So to avoid this i connected TP-Link in bridge mode.

though the spike was like 100 ms till downloading completes and then back to 5 ms
Jio is giving packet loss in games and speedtest servers, also on discord.