Planning to replace TP Link Archer AC750 C20 with Mercusys MR50G AC1900

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ACT Fibernet
Hi all,
I currently have a TP Link ARcher C20 AC 750 router . However this router is not able to give complete coverage to my home (1900 sq ft ).
So I am planning to buy a new router.
I found Mercusys MR50G AC1900 . Is this router compatible with ACT Fibernet ? I.e does the router configuration page have the ability to connect using PPPoe ?

I have also requested for a GX box from ACT( I am not sure when that request will be fulfilled).
I just want know if the Mercusys MRG50 AC1900 router is compatible with ACT fibernet (with and without GX ).

Any recommendations or review on Mercusys MTRG50 ? How does it compare with TP-Link Archer C80 AC1900 ?
ACT would have provided you with ONT or some router if you are using fiber.
The ONT would act as media converter.
The new router can be directly connected if you just want it to extended coverage.
More info is available in the forum if you search.
Thanks. When you say router can be directly connected, do you mean by replacing the existing router and connecting the wire that currently comes from a junction box nearby ?
If you are having fiber,the currently used box will be needed and new router will be connected to the the box using ethernet cable.