Please Suggest 55 Inch 4K TV (50-55K or Lesser)

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Hi Friends,

Could you please suggest a good 55 Inch 4K TV for around 50k-55k budget ?

What I’m looking for:
1. 4K 10 Bit panel
3. IPS (Never tried VA but heard that for blacks the VA panel is good)
4. ARC/Optical Port
5. 20-30w sound should do fine.

What I have searched for:

Checked flipkart that continously shows Kodak and Thomson TV’s (Oathpro) (Not interested in HiSense) and these almost have the specs that I expect but two things i heard most of are:

MEMC: Wors weirdly sometimes and unfortunately there is no option to turn this setting off !!
No Picture/Sound custom settings in Thomson TVS ? Can someone who owns these tv’s confirm these ?

PS: I own a Sony XBR 49X800G imported one that gave me sleepless nights with display issues, went around Hyderabad for COF bonding repair center and so really not interested in SONY.
Toshiba U7980 is a good tv with Full Array LED
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