Pointing Domain Name To My Sify Ip

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I understand that Sify is providing a static IP - is it possible to point my domain name to this IP to be used as a website ?What windows DNS do I need running on my PC ?Thanks
If you have a static IP, then you might be able to use controle panel provided by domain registrar to change "A" record for that domain. This way way, you can make it point to your Sify IP.Yuu need not setup DNS servers for that. But yes setting up your own DNS server will serve your purpose as well.
Thanks for your reply.I see 2 disadvantages now - #1. My domain registrar, website.in charges another $5 for pointing domains to IP addressess (Managed DNS) - I can only point child DNS (ns1.mydomain.com) to an IP thereby creating a DNS and then point my domain to the DNS. #2. Sify has an upload limit of 64kbps which is the download limit at the other end.
Static IP has nothing to do with Public/private IP.Staic IP can be public as well as private, in this case Sify does not provide a public IP to their customers nor they allow external pings.

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I understand that Sify is providing a static IP - ...

Sify provides a static private IP. Your public IP however is not static. You get a new IP address from their pool every time you login.

You can use a dynamic dns service like www.no-ip.com to synchronize your current ip address with any domain/subdomain name you get upon signing up with them. There's other providers as well (dyndns.org for example).

Also, I think Sify does not forward port 80. So you'll have to set up your website on a different port. Again, no-ip (and possibly other dynamic DNS providers as well) provide a port redirect mechanism as well.

That wont work if hes NATed. OP, what IP do you get? 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x or 172.x.x.x? Then forget it 😉
Yea max man , its like that only. I have setup a Sify connection at a friend's place . He had an IP like 10.12.xx.xx and he had to specify a gateway address like 10.12.yy.yySo as far as I can see , there is no public IP address. Infact I dont understand given the way SIFY login occurs, where is there a chance for it to assign an individual public IP address to your machine. What say people?? Is it possible that without using some kind of ppp protocol thingie, to assign individual public IP address??
sify gives a live ip but its not static and yes webserver hosting is possible on sify . they are NOT completely nating the connection . You will have to go with some dynamic dns service , i think you can point ur domain to no-ip's servers and they can offer dynamic ip updating for you at some fees . Better idea would be to buy some cheap hosting