Port blocked in Railwire, not able to join gaming sessions.

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Railwire ( inactive )
So, I decided to go for Railwire (only one here). And it does provide the speed as on paper. When it comes to gaming, I noticed NAT type set to strict. I couldn't able to play GTA Online and a few other games. Did a research for the solution, and learned that it was the ISP( Railwire in this case) which was blocking the ports. My plan is 20mbps 1TB FUP. So my question is:

1. Does getting a Gaming/ Static IP(assuming it's the same) solves this. If yes, how much does it cost?
2. Or is it possible to open those required ports by e-mail or contact? Does this cost the same?

Like I said, it's the only one providing the OFC, for now.
Update 1: 24hr passed. No reply from their side. Tried emailing them, a reply came asking for railwire username, and nothing after for a day.
Customer service dosen't exist. No one's picking the call. Created another ticket with a threat to discontinue the service if no solution. I'll wait a day again.
I have often noticed that Railwire don't reply to the tickets created on their website. I had created multiple tickets for slow speed but no response came for days and they are still in open status for months.
Update 2: Got a reply from railwire on the new ticket, said they will change the NAT type and will let you know. I replied to get an Open type (which I don't think they will). Moderate would be fine, right? Will update if fixed.

Update 3: While they are 'fixing' the solution, for some reason, I decided to reboot router( don't know why) and now I can't connect to the internet -_-
Settings aren't changed, but has no internet. Why do I have to suffer all of this :/