Port Forwrding Settings

MTNL Triband
I recently forwarded my port for UTorrent...but the settings are not getting saved(even in IE).....I use DSL-502T.....(MTNL DSL TriB NU).....plz help***Rajesh***

did you forgot to hit apply button and save setting?
I have already read the tutorial at portforwarding.com and followed each step of it.......(and i didn't forget to hit "apply")At the end the modem asks me to "Reboot for changes to take place" am I supposed to reboot the router or the computer.....I did both but no effectOne more query.......Does keeping the router ON for long hours cause any harm to it......Thanks***Rajesh***
you must be having a problem with your firewall. check your firewall settings.no, there is no harm in keeping your modem on for long hours/days.also please use the search option, this topic has been discussed many times.
@ rajeshYou have to reboot your router, not the computer. For rebooting, use the option on your router configuration page itself, there is no need of manually switching it off and turning it on again. And ya, keeping router switched on for long periods does not as such harm the router, just make sure it does not get overheated, which may be a problem, now that summers are approaching.