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I just hope that this canon 287 cartridges can be refilled easily.. i saw on youtube that it requires drilling holes!!! 😀

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@operamaniac Yes it does make lot of sound even when idle! god knows what it keeps doing!
It just can't help getting intimate with the paper.Such a passionate printer, gosh!!
It just can't help getting intimate with the paper.
Such a passionate printer, gosh!!

better use protection dude :rofl:
Hey guys, I am planning to purchase a new printer for my laptop. I need it for printing and scanning too. Can someone suggest me a good model to fulfill my needs?My budget is not very high.Any help will be appreciated.Thanks. 🙂

we already have a couple of printer related threads. i recently bought Canon Pixma MP287... cartridges are on the expensive side... amish also bought it after i did. it has been working well for me.
Yes its working well.. but my black cartridge is already over!! I dont know how that happened.I did take many printouts but I was expecting more prints.There is a problem now. I still have half filled color cartridge. But printouts are still missing some lines.When I used to have HP printer, I could remove black ink and ask printer to use color cartridge for printing black.But I cant do this on canon, it wont print if i remove blank ink. And it wont print properly EVEN IF i select "use color ink" option in printer setting.My next step is to search for guy who can refill the cartridge.
But I cant do this on canon, it wont print if i remove blank ink.

yeah someone mentioned this as a major headache a couple of pages ago with this model.
I have a feeling that i just did 100 pages... and ink is over!! So it cost me abt 10Rs per page.. at this rate I will be bankrupt 😀I think printers shud have counters, of how many pages were print since last refill.
well you have to realize that the cartridges that ship with printers are not regular cartridges from what i have read on the web.

companies give low capacity carts so that the consumer would have to buy a new proper one from the market.

canon has two types of cart available for this model. one is the regular size. the other one is larger. costs more but has more ink. might turn out to be cheaper in the longer run?

i have consumed half of my cartridge. i do not keep track of my printouts. i doubt i have even printed 100 pages. more like around 50-60.

does not concern me much because i usually have to take out prints once a year during tax filing process. other than that it is mostly random photocopies.

and with HP i used to kill the cartridge first (it dried up) before it emptied. canon cartridge is performing well.


also... draft printouts in blank ink works out well on this printer. i almost always tend to print in ink saving mode.

regular model is too dark. 😉 draft mode is still very good.
That's right. Stock cartridges are a joke. If you got 100 pages from them, you are damn lucky. I got less than 20 I remember 😀 I have a HP AIO, and recently have started using their low cost cartridges which cost 400 as opposed to the regular 900 bucks. Only difference being that the blacks are not jet black. I give a damn for that.
Ah, cheaters, giving less ink and then charging too high for new inks!So now i want to know if I shud refill this old cartridge OR get new one?I mean, does old cartridge has low volume of ink? If its volume is less then it might run out of ink again very soon. Ofcourse it will cost much less as refill ink I suppose wud be abt 100Rs only.
i doubt they use special cartridges with less space for bundling with printers 😛and the fact remains, these printers are so cheap just because they make money from the ink. 😀