Problem installing Seimens C2110 modem drivers

BSNL Home 500
Please have some patience and read it completely for the entire description ( I know it's too long for a post). I am using the Home 500 scheme of BSNL for the past 3 months using BSNL's provided C2110 modem. Firstly, I could begin using the Broadband connection 209 days (roughly 7 months) from the date of application. Secondly, inspite of being a fairly tech-savvy person (at least never before have I faced a problem in installing anything, not even formatting my PC and installing XP) I was unable to install the modem drivers from their provided CD. All that their Readme file provided is:

Welcome to use our product.

Driver version:V2.0

If you meet some problem, please read the user manual.

Everytime I tried installing it, I got the same message
"There is a problem installing the drivers for your modem"

Then all I could do was ask for modem installation from them (and had to pay Rs.250 grudgingly through my next bill exclusively for that) and that BSNL fellow used the same driver installer files from the same CD on the same PC in front of me in the same way I had tried fruitlessly so many times the previous week. After some time when my PC became slow I wanted to format it again (since I keep on experimenting with a lot of softwares and all). But since I didn't know how to install those modem drivers, I dual-booted on my other hard drive partition and tried it out but without any success. The same error message is flashed.
Can anyone guide me in which step did I get the thing wrong?

At first when I switched on my PC and the modem, I got this wizard-launching window "Found new Hardware".

And inspite of having tried out virtually all combinations here, I have always ended up with the following notification on my screen:

Then I start following the BSNL modem driver installation CD.

#1: I double-clicked on the setup.exe file (DSL Setup Wizard / Conexant) and the following window was launched.

#2: Then the system is prepared for installation.

#3: Then at the following window I clicked 'Continue Anyway'.

#4: Next, it continues with the installation.

#5: Then the same stupid error is flashed.

#6: Followed by these two messages.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with it? And that fellow didn't mind telling me anything that might help with future installation. I strongly suspect he's done something ( like maybe a special step) when he sent me out of the room for fetching him a glass of water while installing.

Please reply soon or else I won't be able to format my PC and my remaining space on my hard disk is less than 900 MB which leaves me helpless when I want to download any huge file and then unzip it. I use a C2110 Seimens modem with Dataone Broadband written on it (it was provided by BSNL). And I'm sure that I have the latest updates of Windows XP SP2, so no problems there.
Since you are computer savvy, I will make it brief.Remove the usb cable to computer USB portUpload the driver files from CD to Hard disk say at C:/siemensSwitch off computer. Connect the USb cable. Let Windows detect New Hardware.Load the drivers from C:/siemens. re boot.Presume your lan port is ok
Remove the usb cable to computer USB port
Upload the driver files from CD to Hard disk say at C:/siemens
Switch off computer. Connect the USb cable. Let Windows detect New Hardware.
Load the drivers from C:/siemens. re boot.
Presume your lan port is ok
I don't have any LAN card. I connect via the USB port. But why is the message
"There is a problem installing the drivers for your modem.
The operating system could not install the driver properly."

shown repeatedly? What might be the cause behind it?
Well the drivers should be from Seimens and not BSNL.also it won't be a bad idea waiting for SP3 as it might already contain some drivers for the this Vista has default drivers for USB Beetel 220BX1.Try your luck see what you get.:redface:b/w i'm also a HP Fan.🙂

Try this steps.1.unplug your modem usb cable 2.install the software/driver given by BSNL( probably you won't get that error )3.plug your usb cable and switch on the modem.your new hardware will be detected and OS will automatically install driver from the software you installed.tell us the result.
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No idea USB drivers or FW update. Please check.
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Give full details of your problem.
I remember they responded to another IBF member and he got the drivers for SL141.
Most probably they will disown "Siemen's C2110 modem"!

Usually in spite of Windows warning/s some drivers of USB etc continue to work. The reply , even though , annoying to you, may be of interest to other members. Not all are "pro" here. I tried long back, (for ZyXEL Prestige 630)and used to get "Blue Screen", with XP Sp2 OS.Since then , I am wary of USB driver/s for my laptop.
( of course the modem ( only USB) worked nicely in another Desktop with W98SE OS)

@demigod See post No 2. seems same problem after trying this.
Well USB drivers not being signed by microsoft is no indication that one should not try them. It just gives no guarentee of it working thats all.So try them on your own risk.🙂
/harrypotterfan999/Please click the tag c2110 for previous threads on same problem of USB drivers for your modem.
the supplied cd containing drivers for c2110 works perfectly on both XP(my system) & vista(another user).he is doing something different from the exact steps given in manual on the cd.i already send him the exact procedure at another site where he has a similar query.
you mean he asked this same question on another site.this same guy.LOL:hysterical:
/members/mrbgupta/ Good Show. Seems Calcutta Telephones , Broadband unit has dedicated webmasters/ staff. This website has been referred in many forums for ADSL modems.
you mean he asked this same question on another site.
this same guy.LOL

i know many users who have asked the same question at different forums/sites including here.after all the more places you ask the greater will be the probability of finding the answer within lesser time period.your comment may look offending to the person in question here.try to think a little bit longer before making such comments.