PVR Releases Movie Viewing Guidelines post Corona

Navjot Singh

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Will you go this year if it opens?
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Nope... This is India. Rules are good on paper, it's a different case when it comes to implementing it.
No ways 🙏...am more than happy watching ott content..putting up in centrally air-conditioned confined public space for 3-4 hours gives me the jitters..need to be in a relaxed state of mind to enjoy the movie..too risky as of now
Aarogya setu app download karna mat bhoolna 😂...think PVR's new revenue model will be based on selling PPE kits and trading in PvR e money😝...thought of watching a movie all masked up itself is so stifling and would be a killer if the movie (which in all probability ) turns out to be a disaster😂
Popcorn vs PPE kits, coming soon to a theatre near you!

Serious: It's good that every public establishment is taking steps for extra sanitization, I wonder if they will keep it up after this pandemic ends(doesn't seem like any time soon). I really wish these extra cleanliness awareness/procedures stay on permanently, not just for the pandemic.