railwire kolkata noc changed servers and settings?

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It seems like they changed some stuff at Railwire NOC, I'm getting full expected download speed of my 100 mbps plan that I should get on but the upload speed got destroyed. Also they changed the portal design I heard.


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On Hyderabad NOC here, and the download speeds on fast.com are kinda shitty for me 10 - 20 Mbps on a 50Mbps plan last time I checked. Uploads are pretty good with it being near or above 50 mbps and pings are pretty good too most of the time.
And ya they have changed the portal design, it is convenient to read now.
RailWire Kolkata NOC has been one of the worse if not the worst in whole of India from what I have seen and read so far.
Backend activities are being carried out on a regular basis for Kolkata NOC and states related to it. Sooner the issue will get rectified. Only thing I have got to hear is that employees who are associated with Kolkata NOC are very very arrogant and pay less heed to complaints from other eastern states associated with them.

That's due to windows prob I already talked to Kolkata NOC engineer about the ping issue 3 days ago and it got fixed..now iam not getting constant 65 ms to 72 ms to Singapore at peek hours..maybe try it on Ubuntu and check upload speed or use a phone to check
Strange but iam in kolkata NOC but still getting good speeds..but just try to speedtest on railtel mumbai or chennai servers .you will get very slow upload speed on windows. Try that on Ubuntu or android you will get full speeds. Compare speedtest result of Kolkata railtel server vs railtel mumbai on windows vs Ubuntu/android/OSX